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Professional Blood Bank Centrifuge

Professional Blood Bank Centrifuge
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High Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge 

Model: DLM12L

◆ To ensure high-quality separations by properly choosing acceleration and deceleration rate, DLM12L allows you to  control the rates of acceleration & deceleration from 1~12 profiles, you can quickly recall up to 30 daily used programmable operation, with rcf value calculating automatically.

◆ With the self-diagnostic system DLM12L has high-strength chamber-coating and provides protective means for imbalance, over temperature and electronic lock so it is safe and reliable to use.

◆ The centrifuge stands on movable castors.

◆ ISO9001:2008, 13485, CE international standards are met.

 01 DLM12L ultra-large capacity refrigerated centrifuge_2019052521555111067


Speed range(rpm)

0-8000rpm adjustable

Speed accuracy


Max Capacity(ml)

6*2400ml/18 PCS 450-500ml bags

Temperature range(℃)

-20℃~+40℃ adjustable

RCF range (xg)

0-14336xg adjustable

Temperature accuracy


Time range

1-99minutes adjustable

Acceleration/Deceleration rates

1-- 12



Daily-use program




Control&drive microprocessor

Converter motor, microprocessor

control/direct drive



Net weight(without rotor)


Height with open lid


Power supply



◆ Equipped with the powerful converter motor with silent-block and shock absorbers that guarantee smooth and quiet operations without vibrations.

◆ With user friendly control unit is

integrated in the front panel, window in the centrifuge lid for external speed control.

◆ Microprocessor digital controls and shows all functions: speed, time, temperature, acceleration / deceleration, rcf, 30 program memory, rotor identification, operation fault display.

◆ Aluminium windshield protector

◆ Swing-out rotor head, buckets and adapters made of high-density material.

◆ Refrigeration: temperature adjustable between -20℃~+40℃, standstill cooling, with refrigerant R134a.

◆ Max.capacity: 6×2400ml or processing 18 pieces of 450ml-500ml blood bags at one time.

◆ Two motorized lid locks provide safe, assured lid-locking. The lid can be

opened by electronic lock or via manual operation, in case of failure resulted from broken electronic lock.

◆ Easy open the centrifuge lid via pneumatic springs. The lid is hinged on the right hand side of the centrifuge.

◆ Two motorized lid locks provide safe, assured lid-locking.

◆ Rpm/rcf adjustable along with the run.

 Rotors for option

01 DLM12L