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Blood Bank Refrigerator

Blood Bank Refrigerator
Blood Bank Refrigerator
Oscillation amplitude: 50mm
Oscillation frequency: 60 cycles/min
Environment temp.: 5°C-35°C
Cooling power: 100w
Heating power: 100w
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Digital constant-temp blood platelet oscillation storing tank


This Blood Bank Refrigerator (BBR) is a designated temperature control refrigeration device specially designed for storing blood bags. It adopts strict safety standards to avoid tampering. It is an extremely versatile machine, providing ideal solutions for blood cooling, ideal for blood banks, laboratories and hospitals. It is designed for precise requirements of blood banks and processing applications. 

Our Blood Bank Refrigerator is designed to protect the important sources of life and it ensures the reliability, stability and safety of blood and blood components storage. The device has high uniformity and excellent temperature control. It is equipped with efficient compressor, it can provide excellent temperature recovery, rapid cooling and static performance for each model. The design has all the functions of blood product preservation, such as excellent uniformity and microprocessor control.


Our blood bank refrigerator has a long service life and hardly needs maintenance. The inner chamber is easy to clean; 

The inner chamber is made of heavy stainless steel, durable and non-corrosive;

Each of our blood storage cabinets is equipped with a digital temperature controller to maintain excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity;

It has the alarm function of temperature safety, and can alarm the operator when any temperature change beyond the set value occurs.

SJW-ID platelet oscillation preservation box

SJW-ID digital constant temperature platelet oscillation storage box Features:

1. The machine runs microprocessor control;

2. The temperature is too high/low reminder, abnormal shutdown power off prompt;

3.LCD liquid crystal, information reading window;

4. Motor fault automatic reminder;

5. Reminder mode is sound and light reminder

6. The temperature record can be printed in real time to monitor the temperature change of the device at any time;

7. It has ultraviolet disinfection function to keep the environment inside the cavity sterile;

8. Import Danfoss compressor from Denmark, quality assurance;

9. The oscillating frame body is composed of two 10-layer independent oscillating devices, which can be operated separately to facilitate the storage of platelets;

10. With automatic frost defrosting function;

technical parameter:

Temperature control method: digital signal monitoring, micro processing technology

Temperature control range: 22.0 °C ± 2.0 °C

Alarm temperature: <20°C, >24°C, abnormal shutdown alarm

Oscillation amplitude: 50mm

Working mode: continuous left and right reciprocating, horizontal oscillation

Oscillation frequency: 60 weeks / minute

Ambient temperature: 5 ° C ~ 35 ° C

Input voltage: 220-240V, current 3.5A, working frequency 12Hz

Cooling power: ID type is 125W

Heating power: ID type is 200W

Dimensions: width * depth * height 680mm * 670mm * 1400mm

Storage area: width * depth * height 480mm * 300mm * 680mm

Number of platelets stored: 40-60 bags

Number of floors: 20 floors

After sales service:

With your trust and support, in order to protect your interests and enable you to get better and better service, our company hereby promises: We guarantee a one-year warranty for the products, and the warranty time is signed from the goods. Acceptance calculation. During the warranty period, we will strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China to provide after-sales services such as “three guarantees”. In the event of a failure of our instrument during the warranty period, we will respond within 48 hours and track the service for our customers. If the instrument malfunctions seriously, give it a new one. After the end of the warranty period, the instrument has failed, and we also provide repairs, only the component cost and maintenance costs. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always free to meet your requirements.

Technical parameters:

Mode of temp.Digital signal monitoring,microprocessor technology
Range of temp.22.0°C±2.0°C
Alarming temp.< 20°C,>24°C,alarming when abnormal shutdown occurring
Oscillation amplitude50mm
Operation modeContinuous oscillation from left to right in horizontal direction
Oscillation frequency60 cycles/min
Environment temp.5°C-35°C
Cooling power100w
Heating power100w

Size and Specifications

ModelOutline DimensionsStoring area & ND. Of layersNO. of blood platelet bags
SJW-IA560*580*900mm390*300*230mm 5 layers5-10 bags
SJW-IB560*580*900mm390*300*300mm 7 layers7-14 bags
SJW-IC720*605*910mm450*300*350mm 10 layers20-30 bags
SJW-ID720*605*1260mm450*300*700mm 10.15.20.layers40-60 bags
SJW-IE1100*650*1260mm900*300*710mm 20*2 layers80-120bags

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