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Blood Plasma Thawer Machine

Blood Plasma Thawer Machine
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Product Details

(Comprehensive protection of plasma thawing safety; Whole-course traceability of quality control data)

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Product Description:

This blood plasma thawer machine adopts thick film instant thermal hydroelectric separation heating system, which has the function of upper drainage and special sewage outlet. In addition, it is a kind of three-legged upper discharge and gap operation high-speed sedimentation centrifuge. It has no filter holes on the drum wall, and the drum drain plate has overflow holes of different volumes. Besides, this  blood plasma thawer machine is suitable for solid-liquid separation with fine particles, solid viscosity, low concentration, difficult regeneration of filter medium, small difference between solid phase and liquid phase density. 

Product Feature:

This blood plasma thawer machine is mainly used for solid phase and liquid phase separation in plasma. 

The pipe material is SUB316L and is connected by a card to facilitate the removal and cleaning of the pipe parts.

The storage data of this machine can be incorporated into the hospital management system.

The plasma separator filter plate and filter frame are made of polypropylene, and stainless steel material that meets medical and health safety requirements.


Product Model



Suitable pulping capacity

200ml/20 bags

200ml/30 bags

Thawing mode


Trace-ability of quality control data

Real-time recording of water temperature and melting temperature and automatic storage, makes it more convenient to export data via USB interface for quality management and data trace-ability

Wireless WIFI Transmission and Cloud Space System

Support wireless transmission function, can send data directly to the cloud space, through PC host or mobile phone APP to view relevant data anytime and anywhere.(Optional)

Digital operating system

Microcomputer touch screen operation, real-time display of temperature/time change curve, and equipment failure can be directly displayed on the screen, convenient repair and maintance.

Data recording and storage

Storage capacity 4-64GB, record processing and storage of more than 2000-32000 sets of recorded data, cloud space can store more data

Scanning function

Optional scanner can scan the plasma bag barcode to input data.

Pump capactiy


Rated power


Temperature control range/Accuracy

Normal temperature -42℃,accuracy less than ±1℃

Oscillation frequency/Amplitude

60r/min, 50mm±5

Thawing time

Complete with less than 30 minutes under full load

Rated voltage/Frequency

200V±10%, 50Hz

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