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Plasma Defroster

Plasma Defroster
Model: WGH-I
Storage capacity: 35kg±5%
Circulating ability: 20 L/min
Range of temp.control: Room temperature ~ -60°C
Accuracy of temp.control: ±0.2°C
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Product Details

Digital Constant-temperature Blood Platelet Defrosting Tank


When frozen plasma is thawed, because the plasma bag is in direct contact with water, the surface label of plasma bag is easy to fall off or blur, which seriously affects the identification and distribution of plasma. At the same time, the contact between blood vessel collecting mouth and water is easy to pollute. If the pulp bag is damaged in the process of thawing, it is easy to cause water pollution. In view of this problem, our company has carefully developed WGH-I, II dry digital constant temperature cycle defreezer on the basis of referring to the international zui advanced thawing method.


I, How it works:

WGH-I and II dry digital constant temperature freezer is composed of water storage heating zone and freezing zone. The water is heated to the set temperature in the storage tank and stored in the storage area, and then sent to the defreezing area by the circulating pump. After heat exchange with the frozen plasma in the defreezing area, the water is recycled into the water storage heating area for heating. The heated water is recycled to the antifreeze zone, and over and over again, the circulating water accelerates the heat exchange between the frozen plasma and the water, so that the temperature of the plasma quickly reaches the temperature suitable for input into the human body.


II. Product characteristics:

1. DS18B20 temperature control and sensing system is adopted in the United States, and the precision of temperature control is high.

2. The water circulation system thaw quickly, fully, without instantaneous temperature difference, and the temperature is balanced, which will not destroy the effective formation of plasma. 

3. High quality stainless steel inner gallbladder to ensure clean and hygienic water quality.

4. Automatic water supply function, no manual operation. 

5. It has the function of upper drainage, and the studio does not need to drain.     

6. The imported magnetic circulating water pump is used, which has no noise and mute operation.

7. LCD system, line control is more accurate, intuitive and reliable.

8. After thawing, the dry blood bag should be controlled automatically to reduce the soaking time.

9. It has the function of overtemperature alarm and automatic power outage.

10. Stainless steel barrier, it is more convenient and hygienic to use.

11. The material with flexible and good thermal conductivity is used. Separate the plasma bag from the water leaving, thus avoiding the falling off of the label of the plasma bag, the rupture of the plasma bag

Working principle

Adopts Sanyo technology from Japan, assembled with Sanyo components of LCD display and the most advanced temperature controling & sensing system . Large capacity water circulation system can guarantee the safe temperature during defrosting for the quality of blood.



Equipped with Sanyo technology and components 

1.Temp. controling & sensing system is assembled with Sanyo components for high accurancy.

2.Water circulation system can quickly and completely defrost plasma for no instantaneous temperature difference and temperature equalization.

3.High quality of stainless steel inner chamber and separater for water quality;

4.Automatic recharge of water without manual operation;

5.Adapted with upper drainage system without floor leakage in operation room;

6.Special protective film in convenient use for complete and clear of marks after operation;

7.Adopts imported magnetic circulation pump for silence operation.

8.LCD display for accurate ,visual and reliable line-control;

9.Automatic drying of blood bags after defrosting operation for reduce soaking time;

10.Appearance is lightweight, compact and beautifully designed;

11.Stainless steel separator for more convenient and clean use.

12.Automatic descaling device for smooth pipes.

Technical Parameters:Digital Constant-temperature Blood Platelet Defrosting Tank

Data Model

Storage capacity35kg±5%95kg±5%
Circulating ability20 L/min30 L/min
Range of temp.controlRoom temperature ~ -60°CRoom temperature ~ -60°C
Accuracy of temp.control±0.2°C±0.2°C
Heating power2000W3000W
Proper quantity of defrosting15bags20bags
Max.quantity of defrosting15bags15bags
Defrosting time10-20mins10-20mins
Outline DimensionsL:460mm W:380mm H:700mmL:700mm W:450mm H:900mm

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