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Tabletop Plasma Defroster

Tabletop Plasma Defroster
Product Name: Tabletop Plasma Defroster
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Product Details

Used for Cryopreservation of Frozen Plasma(Tabletop & Floor standing)

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Product Description

The Tabletop Plasma Defroster is a medical equipment with high-speed and capacity, suitable for blood banks and hospital laboratories. It provides you with the best way to store blood. It is equipped with solid shells, thick insulation, easy-to-maintain internal containers, automatic defrosting, etc, ensuring reliability and long economic life, thereby saving your money.

This one is a tabletop model, suitable for rapid thawing of plasma at 37ºC. It adopts unique technology that uses a sealed system instead of an open water bath, and it uses controlled temperature to ensure the safety of plasma. This Tabletop Plasma Defroster features microprocessor control, intelligent interface, touch panel surface panel, anti-corrosion stainless steel anti-theft room and cover. Moreover, when the thawing ends, it will prompt automatically. Over temperature audio alarm system is also available.

Also, it is easy to operate, which can be loaded, and set the required temperature. The temperature range is from 0℃ to 60℃. The temperature controller based on microprocessor with accuracy of ±0.5ºC includes digital temperature display of setting value and process value. The compact size can save space on the workbench. Besides, there is integrated backlight display with text information. This Tabletop Plasma Defroster features simple, safe and fully automatic operation.


Technical Parameters




Water storage capacity


Cyclic capacity


Temperature control range


Temperature control accuracy


Heating Power


Refrigeration power


Refrigeration time

It takes 60 minutes for 37℃ to fall to 4℃

Pulping capacity

25 bags(50ml/bag--200ml/bag)

Thawing time

≥60 minutes

Case appearance



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