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Cytospin Centrifuge / Cell Separation Machine 12 Samples Capacity

Model: TCT4

  medical centrifuge (1)--1

It is controlled by microprocessor, equipped with DC. Brushless motor, digital and low noise. It can be used to take erythrocyte-serum test, identify antigens and antibodies, and give other relative tests in immune hematology examination and research laboratories.



1.Microcomputer control, brushless DC motor, running low noise, high speed accuracy.

2.Automatic balance, with large capacity centrifugal cavity, the temperature rise is small.

3.Digital display, user-friendly interface, the operation more convenient.

4. Equipped with electronic door locks, door cover protection, speeding, unbalance and other protection; fault automatic alarm recognition, safe and reliable.

5. 5 minutes can be 8-12 specimens, simple operation, no pollution, cell smear uniform, clear background.


Speed range(rpm)

0-2200rpm adjustable

Max Capacity(ml)

12 samples

RCF range (xg)

0-860xg adjustable



Time range

1-99minutes adjustable

Speed accuracy




Net weight(without rotor)


Power supply


21 TG12 XJ-8 XJ-12


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