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Laboratory Dry Oven

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Product Details

LCD display RT+5-250C vacuum oven

Model Number: KZ-50


Product Description 

This kind of Laboratory Dry Oven adopts high-quality solid intelligent single-chip temperature control system, accurately measures the temperature through platinum resistance, obtains the corresponding temperature value through the solid-state conversion chip, and then makes the intelligent signal processing obtain the control signal, adjusts the on/off of the refrigeration heater, thereby achieving high-precision temperature control.

In addition, the Laboratory Dry Oven adopts a reinforced keel design with reinforcing pieces at all four corners. Even if the temperature reaches 250 degrees or more, the dry oven will not be deformed. The whole dry oven is equipped with a reinforced switch hinge, which has a service life of up to 20 years. Moreover, it adopts strong convection air duct design and side centrifugal wind wheel design to ensure continuous circulation of wind power, and side heating technology to ensure the smooth flow of the bottom air duct of the cabinet, and to ensure that there is no heat source at the bottom of the cabinet at the same time to improve safety. The Laboratory Dry Oven is widely applied for drying process, sterilization,thermostatic storage, heat treatment,other fields,it is the basis equipment of the laboratory and research units. 


display: LCD display

cube feet: 1.7 ft

volume: 50L

inner material: stainless steel

control system: Microcomputer PID

voltage: 220V

workshop size: 375*348*385mm

power: 1.2KW

temp.range: RT+5-250C

Type: vacuum oven


Programmable PID Control Technology 


Shelf Heating Transfer Technology 


Pro-insulation Technology 


Cavity Warm-up Technology

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