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Vertical High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Vertical High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge
3000ml,0-25000rmp Adjustable Speed, Vertical High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge
Rotors can be still precooling under a ban state.
1. The speed and the centrifugal force step adjustment is 10 RPM/10xg.
2. Time control: 0-23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds, accuracy is ±1 SEC/continuous centrifugal/instantaneous centrifugal;
3. Stainless steel recessed, solid structure, and is suitable for sustainable use, air spring, easy open cover, automation lock cover ensure safety.
4. Germany import 5 "big screen LCD liquid crystal display, touching panel, programmable operation.
5. Equipped with door cover protection, with the self-diagnostic system and protection for imbalance, over-speed and over-temperature. People can monitor the centrifuge process to ensure the safe operation.
6. Rotors adopted super-hard aluminum alloy by the special craft manufacture, have the sealing performance and infinite time high temperature resistant alexipharmic function.
7. Complying with CE security certification, and certified by ISO9001 and 13485 quality system.
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Centrifuges are an important and basic element of any laboratory. Their main function is to separate the sample solution according to the weight of the sample solution and other factors. Our Vertical High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge is designed to maximize productivity and provide reliable high-speed separation. Stainless steel interior, integrated refrigeration system and advanced temperature control make it flexible to adapt to your changing applications. Safety features and low noise operation make it an ideal partner for your daily separation.

This Vertical High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge can meet your key research needs, such as high speed or high capacity. It has advanced functions, such as automatic removal of blood collecting tubes, interlocking of electronic doors, automatic rotor identification, unbalanced protection, overspeed, overtemperature protection, error self-diagnosis, etc. Our Vertical High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge is ideal for genetic engineering, biochemistry, pharmacy, food hygiene, agricultural science, inspection, quarantine, clinical and research fields.


LCD Display Screen for easier operation.

Brushless frequency conversion motor, large torque, maintenance-free.

Flexible shaft drive system drives the rotor directly and runs smoothly.

Microcomputer control system, digital display temperature, time and speed.

Automatic electric cover lock, overspeed and unbalanced protection.

Centrifugal body is made of high quality steel, which is safe and reliable.

Floor standing large capacity refrigerated centrifuge

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Max speed25000rpmMax capacity6x500ml
Max rcf61250xgSpeed accuracy±20r/min
ACC/DEC0~12 profilesCompressorFrance compressor
Temp. range-20℃~+40℃Timer range0~23h59min
Temp accuracy1℃Timer range0~23h59min
DisplayLCDAcceleration/Deceleration rates1-12
Power supplyAC220V, 50/60Hz, 30A


Floor standing large capacity refrigerated centrifuge-3

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