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Blood Card/Gel Card Centrifuge

Blood Card/Gel Card Centrifuge
Blood Card/Gel Card Centrifuge; 12 ID Capacity Gel Card Centrifuge;Group Gel Blood Card Centrifuge; 20 programs Gel Card Centrifuge suitable ID-CARDS; 24 Gel cards ID Card Centrifuge for option.
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Blood Serology Medical Centrifuge Machine,12 ID Capacity Gel Card Centrifuge

Model: TS12



The Blood Card/Gel Card Centrifuge features an automatic balance control system that allows the user to set the speed and centrifugation time as needed. It is ideal for blood serology, blood routine testing, red blood cell cleaning, column agglutination immunoassay experiments, etc. It is equipped with micro-computer control and DC brushless motor. This function makes it a very stable device for operation. In addition, the device produces the least noise and has high speed accuracy, which makes it a good function of your laboratory equipment. Another useful function is that it has a touch panel, which has programmable operation, can choose to store any operation data, you can set it to automatic execution, so that the device becomes a very simple and practical instrument. This Blood Card/Gel Card Centrifuge has high efficiency blood type and serum detection procedures, suitable for your needs.


1. Widely used in blood group serological detection, blood group, microcolumn agglutination, immune detection and so on.

2. Brushless motor ensures free maintenance, no powder pollution.

3. Microcomputer control and digital display time, speed and RCF make operation easy.

4. Safety devices with error display, including overspeed, overheated and unbalanced.

5. Electric cover lock makes the Blood Card/Gel Card Centrifuge more stable and safer.


Speed range(rpm)

0-2200rpm adjustable

Max Capacity(ml)

12 ID

RCF range (xg)

0-2200xg adjustable



Time range

1-99minutes   adjustable

Speed accuracy




Net weight(without   rotor)


Power supply



Rotor specification: 

NO.1 Swing rotor



Capacity:12 ID

Max speed:2200rpm

Max RCF:675xg


 TS12 Gel Card Centrifuge,Blood Serology Medical Centrifuge1742


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