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Babcock Gerber Centrifuge
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Babcock Gerber Centrifuge

The Gabor Centrifuge/Cream Centrifuge is used for the standard physical and chemical testing of the relative density and fat of milk and dairy products by the Gabriel method and the Inihoffine method. Gabriel centrifuge/milk centrifuge has a heating and temperature function, which is mainly suitable for physical and chemical testing of dairy products, and is a routine equipment for dairy product inspection. The temperature of the Geber centrifuge/fat centrifuge milk fat tube is maintained above 50 °C during centrifugation, which not only reduces the time of the sample water bath but also makes the test results more reliable.

The creamer centrifuge is designed by our technicians with advanced foreign technology. It is suitable for the separation and analysis of the fat in milk and dairy products after the Pap method and the Gab method.

The centrifuge is simple and practical, has high measurement accuracy, fast result and long service life, and is a simple and practical instrument. Proper use can better reflect the efficiency of the instrument.

First, use: The centrifuge is placed on the workbench smoothly, and the control part is facing the operator.

Second, constant temperature: turn on the three-hole power supply, and then turn on the constant temperature switch. At this time, the constant temperature switch light is on, the centrifuge will be warmed up at a constant temperature, and the thermostat switch light will be off, indicating that the machine can work normally. The temperature will be constant between 50 ° C and 60 ° C during operation.

Third, the assembly of milk fat meter: First check whether the milk fat meter is intact, the weight of the milk fat meter is basically the same, after confirming, first add 10 ml of sulfuric acid with a density of 1.820-1.825, then add 11 ml of fresh milk (Note: add milk It should be carefully added along the pipe wall and not mixed with sulfuric acid), and then add 1 ml of isoamyl alcohol with a density of 0.8090-0.8115. At this time, the three sample liquids are added (if the capacity of the milk fat meter is large, a little distilled water can be added). Replenish the volume, in order to adjust the scale surface for easy counting). Then insert a rubber stopper to shake, and the sample liquid in the cream meter is thoroughly mixed to become brownish red. (Note: If the sample liquid is mixed and turned into black, it means that the sulfuric acid concentration is too high, and it needs to be diluted with distilled water to the corresponding density.) After mixing, the cream meter is placed symmetrically into the centrifuge centrifuge tube, and the plug part is facing down. Cover the cover.

4. Work: Turn the time switch to the terminal and start centrifugation for 5 minutes. If the centrifuge is stopped immediately after completion, the brake switch may be pressed several times to stop (the brake switch cannot be pressed for long, otherwise it will reverse), open the upper cover. , pull out the cream meter, adjust the rubber plug, and read the fat number.

5. After the work is completed, unplug the power cord for next use.

Note editing

1. The instrument is a three-in-one socket using a 220V single-supply power supply. In order to ensure that the safety grounding terminal is grounded, there is a danger of electric shock.

2. During the operation or operation of the centrifuge, once the sample solution in the creamer is spilled into the centrifuge or the centrifuge disc and tube inside the machine, it must be cleaned immediately, otherwise it will cause corrosion of various components.

3. The centrifugal device is equipped with an over-temperature protection device. Once the temperature is too high, the whole machine will be powered off and will not work. Only when the temperature drops to the normal working temperature can it work.

Note editing

1. The centrifuge is equipped with a set of anti-machine overheat protection switch. The purpose is to burn the chassis and electrical components once the internal thermostat controller is damaged and the internal temperature is too high. When the internal temperature exceeds 60 °C, the overheat protection switch will also automatically shut off the power supply. When the internal temperature drops below 50 °C, the power is automatically turned on. In this case, the internal temperature should be re-adjusted to the normal range according to the instruction manual, otherwise it can only work intermittently.

Note: To know if the overheat protection switch automatically cuts off the power supply, it can be judged from the centrifuge thermometer (whether the temperature exceeds 60 °C per year)

2. When the sample is centrifuged, if the vibration of the centrifuge is large, the base motion is large, which is probably caused by the equal amount of cream placed symmetrically, or the screw on the top of the centrifugal disk is loose. Symmetrical placement or configuration of the same size and equivalent amount of cream should be selected, or loosened screws should be tightened.

3. During the use of the centrifuge, avoid the sulfuric acid or its mixture with the breast on the centrifuge disc on the surface of the body. Once it happens, it should be wiped clean immediately.

4. In general, the centrifuge tube is not easily extracted from the centrifuge disc. However, when the temperature is raised to the normal working temperature (50 ° C - 60 ° C), the centrifuge tube can be easily withdrawn from the centrifugal disk.

The desktop Babcock Gerber Centrifuge is a special equipment for the analysis of hygienic standards of milk and dairy products. It features microcomputer numerical control, brushless motor, environmental protection and energy saving, suitable for milk and dairy products, medicine, chemical industry, sanitary food and other fields, after separating fat from milk, measure its volume or percentage.

It is a complete centrifuge that is used for the standard physical and chemical test of relative density and fat of milk and dairy products by Gable's method and Babcock's method. The digital selector with large display allows programming temperature, centrifugal speed and duration. It has the characteristics of wide measuring range, high sensitivity and good inhibition. Our Babcock Gerber Centrifuge is mainly suitable for the physical and chemical inspection of dairy enterprises, and is a routine equipment for dairy products inspection. 



1. Microprocessor control with brushless motor, free from maintenance.

2. LCD display speed, timer, RCF, rotor information, program (memory) information, acceleration and deceleration information and error code information parameters.

3. The main body of the steel centrifuge and the stainless steel chamber can be sterilized under high pressure. They are resistant to detergents and disinfectants.

4. Babcock Gerber Centrifuge achieves consistent operation, according to the set time.

5. Emergency lock release in case of power failure.

6. Various swing and angular rotors and adapters.


Speed range(rpm)0-2400rpm adjustableTime range1-99minutes adjustable
Max Capacity(ml)16PCSSpeed accuracy±20r/min
RCF range (xg)0-1520xg adjustableDimension(mm)540*650*480mm
Noise(dBA)≤58dB(A)Net weight(without rotor)62KGS
Power supplyAC220-240V, 50/60HZ, 10A, 1KW