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Clinical Fully Auto Blood Hematology Analyzer

Clinical Fully Auto Blood Hematology Analyzer
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Product Details

Product Feature:

This clinical fully auto blood hematology analyzer with large storage capacity is able to contain 10,000 samples & 3 histograms.

This analyzer features advanced valve technology, which has longer life to use.

The independent hemoglobin measurement system helps to eliminate interference sources and improve accuracy.

Cell signal full digital processing technology ensures the reliability of the measurement results for test operation.

Product Description:

This clinical fully auto blood hematology analyzer adopts the most advanced automated and manual inject system to simplify the calibration process while eliminating errors between automatic and manual injections. Equipped with multi-angle scattered light analysis technology and new calculation rules, this clinical fully auto blood hematology analyzer provides accurate nucleated red blood cell  without additional reagents. There are 100000 sample results including histograms can be stored, which is convenient for inquiry and management of history data. At the same time, it also reduces the rate of retests by providing more sample parameter information. The magnetic transmission system is used to transport samples for improving detection efficiency.




Parameters  linear range CV %
WBC( 10 9 / L ) 0.0 - 99.9 ≤2%
RBC ( 1012 / L ) 0.0 - 9.99 ≤1.5%
MCV ( fL )  40-150 ≤0.5%
PLT ( 10 9 / L ) 0-999 ≤4.0%
HGB( g/L ) 0.0-300.0 ≤1.5%