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Fully Automatic Hematology Analyzer

Fully Automatic Hematology Analyzer
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Product Details

Product Feature:

This fully automatic hematology analyzer adopts advanced valve technology, which has longer service life.

This analyzer provides automatically sample probe cleaning, including inside and outside cleaning.

It is equipped with windows operation system graphical buttons mouse and keyboard, which is better for operation.


Product Description:

This fully automatic hematology analyzer is one of the most commonly used screening instruments for clinical testing at home and abroad. In addition, it has the strong features of high precision, fast speed and easy operation. The function of this fully automatic hematology analyzer has been extended to check the body fluid cells, white blood cell count and classification. The blood analyzer with multiple detection principles is available. There are different levels of clinical requirements in order to provide effective blood cell testing parameters, which have important clinical significance for disease diagnosis and treatment. What' more, it is an indispensable instrument for clinical medicine.



Parameters Parameters CV %
WBC( 10 9 / L )0.0 - 99.9≤2%
RBC ( 1012 / L )0.0 - 9.99≤1.5%
MCV ( fL )40-150≤0.5% 
PLT ( 10 9 / L )0-999≤4.0%
HGB( g/L )0.0-300.0≤1.5%