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Analysis of high-speed centrifuge motor heating

Feb 13, 2020

High-speed centrifuges can easily cause the motor to heat because of its high speed. Usually we need to pay attention to the operation of the centrifuge at this time.

Because there are several reasons for the heating of motor bearings, we need to analyze the situation carefully.

1. It may be due to overload or overload, it may be a current problem such as a cooling fan, or it may be due to the heat generated by mechanical friction, but the main question is whether the bearing is authentic, and some users purchase low-cost bearings for low prices. As a result, the bearing becomes hot and hot, which causes the bearing to burn out and so on. Therefore, it is first emphasized that the purchase of authentic bearings.

2. Pay attention to adhere to the lubrication of the machine, choose high-quality high-temperature lithium-based grease, the difference between lithium-based grease is another major reason for bearing heating. In addition, you need to check carefully, assuming that mechanical friction will be accompanied by noise, and mechanical parts will be significantly worn. If you say that the bearing is loose, it should be a bearing problem, you need to change the bearing. It is recommended to purchase authentic imported bearings.

3. Whether the concentricity of the main shaft of the centrifuge is accurate. Under normal circumstances, people don't pay much attention to the concentricity. The large concentricity of the main shaft can easily cause bearing heating. This requires the production of centrifuge motors with strong technology and production capacity. In order to save production costs, some centrifuge manufacturers assemble the motor shaft and the motor stator by themselves, and do not synchronize the assembly with the motor manufacturer. Due to the lack of technical guidance, the spindle concentricity is easy Tilt, and constitute bearing heat.