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Desktop high-speed centrifuge with unique three-point flexible support shock absorption

Aug 02, 2018

Benchtop high-speed centrifuges are the most commonly used centrifuges in the laboratory. The most common, benchtop high-speed centrifuges use microcomputer control, digital display or liquid crystal display, brushless motor, touch panel, programmable operation, and RCF. The centrifugal force is automatically calculated and set. Features are provided to ensure safe operation of the instrument and a variety of rotors for the user of the centrifuge. The desktop high-speed centrifuge has strong corrosion resistance, good rigidity, beautiful appearance and novel design. These conditions give customers a better choice.

The desktop high-speed centrifuge differential centrifugation method is a centrifugal method established on the basis of the difference in sedimentation speed of different particles in a uniform medium, and the centrifugation method for purifying different sizes of particles in the suspension by repeated centrifugation from low speed to high speed. When the separated non-uniform suspension is centrifuged, different particles move to the bottom of the centrifuge tube at different sedimentation speeds, and gradually form a precipitate at the bottom of the tube. The precipitate contains various particle components of the sample, but most of them are the most sedimentation. Quick component. In order to separate a specific component, the sedimentation velocity of the particles can be changed by changing the centrifugal speed and thus the centrifugal force field, so that certain particles are separated.

The characteristics of the desktop high-speed centrifuge itself:

1. The outer casing is made of cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is electrostatically sprayed, and the inner mirror is stainless steel; it is clean and durable.

2. The desktop high-speed centrifuge has the functions of timing and constant speed and shutdown alarm; 10 gear speeds;

3. Reasonable air duct design makes the temperature uniformity change in the working room small;

4. The desktop high-speed centrifuge adopts dual-screen high-brightness digital tube display, and touch button setting adjustment;

5, brushless DC motor, maintenance-free, no pollution; the motor uses imported bearings to reduce noise and extend the life of the instrument;

6, the desktop high-speed centrifuge unique three-point flexible support shock absorption, reducing vibration and noise;

7, the use of high-quality rubber door seal sealing performance is good;

8. The desktop high-speed centrifuge has the parameter memory and call recovery function protected by data loss due to power failure and crash.

9, with electronic door lock and mechanical door lock double protection, even if the power is off to open the door freely.

10. The desktop high-speed centrifuge will automatically stop when the door is opened, and the operation is safe and secure;

11. The rotor is made of high quality aluminum and can be repeatedly autoclaved.