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Different speeds of centrifuges have different application ranges

Jan 09, 2019

Centrifuges are generally placed in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Centrifuge heat dissipation is relatively large, do not pile up debris around, surrounded by walls, baffles and other airtight, heat-dissipating items at least 10cm. At the same time, the centrifuge should be placed in a room as close as possible, and no organic reagents or flammable materials should be placed around.

A centrifuge is a machine that uses centrifugal force to separate liquid and solid particles or components of a mixture of liquid and liquid. The centrifuge is mainly used to separate the solid particles in the suspension from the liquid; or to separate the two liquids of different density and immiscible in the emulsion (for example, separating the cream from the milk); it can also be used to exclude Liquid in wet solids, such as wet clothes in a washing machine; special ultra-speed tubular separators can also separate gas mixtures of different densities; use different density or granularity of solid particles to set different velocity in liquid, some sedimentation Centrifuges can also classify solid particles by density or particle size.


1. The centrifuge should be placed on a flat and strong ground or on a bench. No tilting is allowed.

2. The centrifuge should be grounded to ensure safety.

3. After the centrifuge is started, if there is abnormal noise and vibration, the centrifuge tube may be broken or the weight of the two tubes in the relative position may be unbalanced, and should be shut down immediately.

4, must be steady, slowly increase or decrease the speed. After turning off the power, wait for the centrifuge to stop automatically. Do not force the centrifuge to stop by hand or other objects.

5. Check the brush and bearing wear of the motor once a year, and replace the brush or bearing if necessary. Note that the brush models must be the same. Clean the brush box and the surface of the commutator when replacing. The new brush should fall freely into the brush box. The brush is required to match the outer circumference of the commutator. When the bearing is short of oil or dirt, it should be cleaned and refueled. The bearing is lubricated with molybdenum disulfide lithium base grease. The addition amount is generally 1/2 of the bearing clearance.

Centrifuges have a wide range of applications, and centrifuges with different speeds have different application ranges. Centrifuges use the difference in precipitation speed of different substances in the centrifugal force field to achieve analytical separation of samples, which are widely used in biomedical, chemical, petroleum, agricultural, food hygiene, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, coal, water treatment and shipbuilding sectors.