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High-speed centrifuge ten size tips

Feb 20, 2018

The high-speed centrifuge has the advantages of small size, wide application, high quality and low price. It is a priority product for all users in the selection of products. It has a variety of adapter rotors, and can also be customized for rotors.

Maintenance of high speed centrifuges:

First, if the color change, deformation, leakage, etc. of the centrifuge tube is found, it must be stopped.

2. Centrifuges and rotors must not use high-intensity UV radiation or heat for extended periods of time. Neutral detergent should be used for cleaning.

Third, the centrifuge should keep a certain distance from other electrical equipment, and should have good grounding measures and conduct regular inspections.

4. If necessary, the rotor can be replaced. After reinstallation, tighten the turnbuckle screws.

5. Do not screw the cap on the centrifuge tube during high temperature and high pressure sterilization to avoid deformation of the tube. See the user manual for a detailed list of disinfection temperatures for each centrifuge tube.

Six, the operator should also pay attention to:

1. The motor suspension is stable. 2. The shaft does not deviate. 3. The rotor and accessories are not corroded. 4. The screw connection is tight.

Ten size tips to keep your high speed centrifuge ideal:

1. Make sure that the correct quality of water and air is supplied to the machine, as recommended in the manual.

2. Use only approved brands of oil for lubrication and check the oil condition regularly.

3. Ensure that the high speed centrifuge is operating in accordance with the recommended design parameters.

4. Continuously monitor the vibration level of the equipment and the bearing temperature. Check the equipment regularly for leaks and any abnormal noise.

5. Keep the operating area clean and do not place the components directly on the floor.

6. Adhere to the recommended service interval and strictly follow the preventive maintenance instructions.

7. Thoroughly clean the parts before reassembling.

8. Use only the tools provided by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for service and maintenance, and store the tools in a clean, safe and dry place.

9. Use only genuine spare parts to achieve the promised performance, reliability and equipment life.

10. Maintain inventory of critical spare parts (such as oil, intermediate repair and overhaul kits) and follow storage regulations to avoid damage or corrosion of spare parts.

The high-speed centrifuge is mainly used to separate the solid particles in the suspension from the liquid; or to separate the two liquids of different density and incompatible liquid in the emulsion (for example, separating the cream from the milk); it can also be used for Exclude liquids in wet solids, such as washing clothes with a washing machine; special super-speed tube separators can also separate gas mixtures of different densities; using different density or granularity of solid particles to set different speeds in liquids, and some The sedimentation centrifuge can also classify solid particles by density or particle size.