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How to choose the rotor in the purchase of centrifuge

Aug 28, 2013

Before purchasing a centrifuge, you must first understand the components of the centrifuge and the use of the centrifuge. This is beneficial to the service life of the centrifuge. The centrifuge drum is one of the important components of the centrifuge and is also closely related to the safety requirements in production. . Here to remind the majority of users, do not buy a poor quality centrifuge because of the cheap, buy a centrifuge must be in accordance with the requirements of the centrifuge drum thickness and the operating parameters of each centrifuge.

Safe use requirements for centrifuges:

1. The selection should be correct.

2. Use the centrifuge according to the specified range. It is not allowed to use the general-purpose centrifuge for flammable and explosive occasions and corrosive occasions.

3. Operate according to the specified operating procedures, and shall not be abnormally braked and overloaded or overspeeded.

4. The fault should be eliminated in time, and the centrifuge with the fault should not be operated, and the failed centrifuge should be scrapped in time.

5. Install, use, and maintain the centrifuge according to the requirements in the product instruction manual. Do not modify the parts of the centrifuge by yourself. Do not increase the speed of the centrifuge by yourself.

6. Formulate the corresponding rules and regulations for the installation, use and maintenance of the centrifuge and strictly implement it to achieve the purpose of safe use.

How to choose the rotor in the centrifuge procurement can be calculated from the following formula:

When the capacity is determined, the most important parameter standard is not the rotational speed but the centrifugal force. The magnitude of the centrifugal force directly determines the separation effect. Although the rotors of the same capacity of different manufacturers can reach the same rotational speed, the centrifugal force is not necessarily the same, and some manufacturers In order to reduce the production cost and overcome the noise, the angle of the rotor is made particularly small (the angle is small and the centrifugal radius is small), so that the centrifugal force obtained at the same rotation speed is smaller than that of the large angle rotor, and it is not convenient to collect the centrifugal material.

Attachment: Centrifugal force calculation formula:


The above formula is the calculation formula of the centrifugal force (RCF), which represents the radius of the classification of the rotor, and r/min represents the rotational speed.