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How to operate centrifuge machine?

Mar 11, 2019

How to operate centrifuge machine?

1. The centrifuge should be placed on a level solid floor or platform and strive to keep the machine in a horizontal position to avoid machine vibration during centrifugation.

2. Turn on the power switch, install the required rotor as required, and place the sample with the balance of the tray balance in advance on the rotor sample holder (the centrifuge tube must be balanced with the sample), if there is only one sample tube The branch should be replaced by water of equal mass; the centrifuge tube must be placed symmetrically into the casing to prevent the body from vibrating. Close the cover.

3. Press the function selection button to set various requirements: temperature, speed, time, acceleration and deceleration. The machine with computer control also needs to press the store button to remember the input information.

4. When starting the centrifuge, the top cover of the centrifuge should be covered before it can be started slowly.

5. Press the start button, the refrigerated centrifuge will perform the above parameters to operate, and automatically shut down to the scheduled time.

6. After the centrifuge has completely stopped rotating, open the cover, take out the centrifuge sample, and wipe the rotor and the inner wall of the machine cavity with a soft and clean cloth. After the temperature in the centrifuge chamber is balanced with the room temperature, the cover can be closed.

7. The bottom of the centrifuge casing should be padded with cotton or test tube pads.

8. After the separation is finished, first close the centrifuge. After the centrifuge stops rotating, the centrifuge cover can be opened to take out the sample, and no external force can be used to force it to stop moving;

9. If the electric centrifuge is vibrating or the body is vibrating, the power should be cut off immediately to eliminate the fault immediately.