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Introduction of laboratory centrifuge

Jul 08, 2020

The centrifuge is mainly used for separation

Centrifuge du can be divided into industrial centrifuge and experimental centrifuge.

Laboratory centrifuges are divided into preparative centrifuges and analytical centrifuges

Preparative centrifuges are divided into: 1. Pu Neng centrifuge 2. High-speed refrigerated centrifuge 3. Super-speed centrifuge

There are many types of laboratory centrifuges.

1. It can be divided according to structure: desktop centrifuge and vertical centrifuge (floor-standing centrifuge).

2. It can be divided according to the separation method: sedimentation centrifuge and filter centrifuge.

3. It can be divided according to speed: low-speed centrifuge and high-speed centrifuge.

4. It can be divided according to capacity: micro centrifuge (mini centrifuge), small capacity centrifuge (small centrifuge) and large capacity centrifuge (large centrifuge).

5. It can be divided according to the presence or absence of freezing: freezing centrifuge (low temperature centrifuge) and room temperature centrifuge.

6. It can be divided according to the use: medical centrifuge, blood centrifuge, serum centrifuge, plasma centrifuge, fat centrifuge, blood bank centrifuge, blood type card centrifuge, cell centrifuge, washing centrifuge, smear centrifuge, capillary centrifuge, capillary Centrifuges, capless centrifuges, capless centrifuges, enzyme plate centrifuges, special centrifuges, biological centrifuges, pharmaceutical centrifuges, chemical centrifuges, food centrifuges, starch centrifuges, protein centrifuges, dairy centrifuges, Juice centrifuge, oil centrifuge, coal tar centrifuge, petroleum centrifuge, crude oil centrifuge, rare earth centrifuge, mining centrifuge, core centrifuge, rock centrifuge, sewage centrifuge, wastewater centrifuge, wastewater centrifuge, treatment centrifuge Machines, test centrifuges and laboratory centrifuges.

In addition, there are a variety of laboratory centrifuges, such as: automatic balance centrifuges and multi-tube rack centrifuges.