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Problems to avoid when using laboratory centrifuges

Feb 18, 2019

Problems to avoid when using laboratory centrifuges

When we use a laboratory centrifuge, we have to avoid causing unnecessary problems for us to help us use the laboratory centrifuge.

When we put the centrifuge tube of the laboratory centrifuge, we must be symmetrical so that he can run normally and does not generate high vibration. Before the centrifuge is opened, we need to cover the door of the centrifuge. Can't forget it. Regardless of whether the centrifuge is on or off, we must have a certain control on the speed, so that he can slowly add or slow down. Do not adjust too much at all, so as not to affect the machine's use effect and service life.

When the laboratory centrifuge is turned on, we should check his rotation speed to see if it is in the range corresponding to the rotor speed. Of course, let's see if the rotor parts are loose or not. Check whether the connection is normal before the boot. If he has abnormal jitter or sound, then we have to stop immediately for inspection, and we must make a corresponding record. Before the centrifuge is used, we have to adjust the brakes. If the rotor of the centrifuge exceeds the speed when it is rotating, it needs to be shut down. When the rotor is running, we can't disassemble and adjust it.