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Rotor has good air tightness

Feb 11, 2021

The rotor has good air tightness, which can effectively prevent and control the leakage of aerosol pathogenic microorganisms from the rotor or adapter. The safety cover is easy to open, and the adapter is simple to operate. By opening the biosecurity cover in the negative pressure environment of the safety cabinet, the operator's safety can be effectively protected and the sample extraction time can be saved.

If you have the idea to buy a biosafety centrifuge recently, you can refer to the following centrifuge:

1·TGL-21M is a multi-purpose high-speed and large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge with international advanced technology and an intelligent centrifuge that can be equipped with a biosafe rotor.

2. Microcomputer control, high definition large screen LIQUID crystal display, intuitive control to simplify operation, humanized operation of the touch screen interface, provide various operating parameters and ideal performance processing state of detailed information, easy to use.

3. With automatic rotor identification function, edible silicone rubber integrated sealing ring is adopted, which is in line with GMP certification.

The centrifuge has been certified by THE FDA.

4. It has 10 lifting speed programs to realize the conversion and setting of the readings between RPM /RCF, which is convenient and fast. Meanwhile, it also displays the curve images of acceleration and deceleration, realizing the ideal centrifugal effect.

5. It has multiple protection functions, such as overspeed, unbalanced, overtemperature, door cover, etc., to ensure the safety and reliability of the instrument.

6. Novel electric door lock, easy to close and secure locking centrifuge.

7. Large capacity centrifugal cavity, space-saving design, rich rotor specifications, achieve a multi-purpose machine.

8. Precooling function with direct knob, imported high-performance compressor, fluorine-free refrigerant, more environmental protection and energy saving.