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The blood bank centrifuge mainly has three blood bank test operation fixed files.

May 15, 2018

The blood bank centrifuge is a special centrifuge designed to meet the needs of the purchase, and is well received by users. It mainly has three blood bank test operation fixed files and one stepless speed regulation file. The fixed files can be used for blood bank crossover, blood type identification, antibody screening, anti-human ball test, platelet separation, blood cell washing and other tests to standardize blood bank operations. Standardized, the blood bank centrifuge has the function of opening and closing the brake and braking, and the shutdown is fast, and the one-key switching of the centrifugal force and the rotation speed can be realized, and the display is intuitive.

Blood bank centrifuge features:

1, microcomputer control, touch panel, digital visual display, automatic calculation and conversion function of speed and centrifugal force, easy to operate

2, blood bank centrifuge DC brushless motor, maintenance-free, with motor overheat protection

3, electronic door lock, steel body, stainless steel centrifugal cavity, corrosion resistant, easy to clean

4, blood bank centrifuge with overspeed, over temperature, door cover, unbalance and other protection functions to ensure safety

5, blood bank centrifuge proprietary airflow guiding design, temperature rise does not exceed 5 degrees, effectively protect the sample

6, the unique SCT speed control technology, the lifting speed is fast and stable, and can achieve 5-7 seconds of smooth shutdown at the highest speed

7, can store 10 kinds of custom working mode, one of which is set for the blood bank condensed amine test

8. Blood bank centrifuge is used together with condensed amine medium reagent for cross-matching blood test, blood type identification and screening of irregular antibodies