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The centrifugal effect of the desktop high-speed centrifuge is better

Jun 21, 2018

The design of the desktop high-speed centrifuge has many functional features, and it adopts the principles of microcomputer control, liquid crystal display, variable frequency motor drive, electronic safety door lock, unbalance protection, automatic head recognition. 9 programs are stored, 9 levels of lifting speed are adjustable, and faults are automatically diagnosed. The refrigeration system adopts imported compressor, fluorine-free refrigerant, and dual-loop control of refrigeration/heating, with high efficiency, fast heating and cooling, and low vibration. The desktop high-speed centrifuge can modify the operating parameters such as speed, time and temperature during operation.

Desktop high speed centrifuge features:

*Using large torque brushless DC motor, maintenance-free, no dust, fast lifting speed, door motor independent motor servo, reduce the labor intensity of operators, overspeed, over temperature automatic protection, unbalance protection, the body uses high quality steel structure; Safe and reliable, easy to use.

*Using the company's unique spring taper sleeve to connect the rotor and the spindle, the loading and unloading rotor is quick and easy, non-directional, safe and reliable, and easy to use.

* The desktop high-speed centrifuge uses a microcomputer processor to control the speed and time. The TG16 is a digital display that switches to display the RCF value.

*TG16C is LCD screen display, real-time instrument runs all parameters, 10 kinds of programs can be stored, 10 kinds of lifting speeds are available for selection, easy to operate and convenient to use.

* Three-stage vibration reduction, the centrifugal effect is ideal.

Desktop high speed centrifuge maintenance:

1. Do not place any substance on the centrifuge cover. After each use, be sure to clean the inner cavity and the rotor.

2. If the desktop high-speed centrifuge is not used for a long time, the centrifuge cover should be opened for a period of time before use, and the inner cavity is dried.

3. After the motor's carbon brush is used for 3,000 hours, it should be replaced in time to avoid wearing the commutator.

4. When the desktop high-speed centrifuge is used for a long time, the wear is normal.

The desktop high-speed centrifuge is equipped with three-layer steel sleeve protection, safe and reliable operation, and ensures the safety of personal equipment, so that you can use your purchaser with peace of mind.