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The important goals of high speed centrifuges are speed and rotor capacity.

Apr 18, 2018

High-speed centrifuges are equipped with a freezing system that counteracts the heat generated by the rotor during high-speed torsion, ensuring that the biological sample is invariant during centrifugation. High-speed centrifuges typically use temperatures between 4 and 6 ° C, while requests are controlled at ± 2 ° C.

Some high-speed centrifuges have a vacuum system, and the vacuum is a departmental vacuum, and the vacuum is not high. The purpose is to reduce the rotor's friction and heat generation in the atmosphere, reduce the rotor torsional noise, and also help to increase the electromechanical load and delay the life of the drive system. The important goals of high speed centrifuges are maximum speed and maximum rotor capacity. Because of the strength of the machine, the rotor with the small volume has the highest maximum speed, while the maximum speed of the large-capacity rotor is low.

High speed centrifuge notes:

1. To ensure safety and centrifugal effects, the instrument must be placed on a sturdy, shock-proof, level surface and ensure that the four feet are balanced.

2. Before using the centrifuge, remove the foreign matter in the chamber of the centrifuge chamber; check that the rotor body is correctly installed on the rotor seat to ensure a good connection. The screws connecting the rotor and the motor shaft must be tightened tightly.

3. Strictly set the allowable speed of the rotor of the high-speed centrifuge. It is strictly prohibited to operate at the maximum speed specified by the rotor design.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use the rotor unbalanced. The centrifuge tubes must be placed symmetrically. It is not allowed to run in a single tube. The solution in the tube must be uniform to ensure balanced operation.

5. It is strictly forbidden to run at high speed without rotor.

6. When removing the rotor of the high-speed centrifuge, you must use the special handle provided with the machine. It is strictly forbidden to pull the screw directly after pulling the screw, so as not to damage the flexible support of the motor.

7. Check the rotor and centrifuge tube for cracks, corrosion marks and aging before use. If it is necessary to replace it immediately, it is strictly forbidden to use a rotor that is cracked or corroded.

8. Check if the external power supply meets the requirements and the instrument is reliably grounded.

9. The centrifuge should not be moved during the operation of the centrifuge. It is strictly forbidden to open the door. Do not open the door without the motor and rotor completely stopped.

10. After the high-speed centrifuge or rotor is deactivated for three months, it must be operated at low speed for 10 minutes to allow the maximum speed of the rotor.

11. Do not mix the rotors of other units to prevent damage to the instrument and personal safety.

12. Do not place a container filled with liquid on the instrument. If the container is overturned, the liquid may enter the centrifuge and rust and damage its mechanical or electrical components.

13. After the high-speed centrifuge is separated, wipe the instrument cleanly, turn off the power switch of the instrument and unplug the power plug.

High-speed centrifuge products have been used in bioengineering, pharmaceutical production, scientific research, health and epidemic prevention experiments, blood testing, agriculture, chemicals, petroleum, food processing and other fields, and have become indispensable centrifugal equipment for laboratory, production and processing. With the continuous development of the centrifuge industry and the updating of technology, the application of high-speed centrifuges has become more and more extensive, and the role played by them has become more and more important.