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The main role of medical centrifuges in hospitals

Jul 09, 2018

Medical centrifuge equipment is an indispensable important equipment in the life science research center. With the rapid development of biomedicine in recent years, medical centrifuges have also made great progress, and have formed a separate market pattern different from low-speed centrifuges. It is expected that the growth momentum will continue in the future.

Medical centrifuge maintenance:

1. If the centrifuge tube or empty tube containing the specimen is broken during centrifugation, the broken glass should be removed immediately, and the centrifugal bucket or the rotating shaft of the rotor should be disinfected with a disinfectant. In case of radioactive contamination, the pollution shall be removed and recorded as required.

2. Use a damp cloth to rub the inside and outside of the centrifuge at least once a week.

3. Check the balance of the centrifuge every 3 months and add lubricant once.

4. Check the carbon brush every 3 months and find that it is used up and replaced in time.

5. Check the speed every 3 months to match the indicator.

The main role of medical centrifuges in hospitals is:

First, the medical centrifuge is used to separate two different density and immiscible liquids

1. If organic solvents are used to extract certain components from body fluids.

2, used to separate some lipid components in the blood, such as separation of chylomicrons in plasma and various lipoproteins.

Second, the medical centrifuge is used to separate those particles suspended in the solution

1. The part of the separated blood has formed components, and the cells or other formed components in the concentrated body fluid are used for analysis and determination.

2. Separate the protein that has been precipitated from the specimen.

3. Isolation of ligands and free ligands that bind to proteins or bind to antibodies.

Medical centrifuges are widely used in medical research or hospital testing. At present, centrifuge products with more applications in hospitals include high-speed centrifuges, blood centrifuges, blood card centrifuges, urine sediment centrifuges, capillary centrifuges, and cell centrifugation. Machines, biopharmaceutical centrifuges, gel bubble processing centrifuges, etc., come in a wide variety of functions and functions.