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The preparation and preservation of blood products

Mar 20, 2021

Jingzhou city center blood stations Zou Zhuoliang blood composition of staff is introduced: "nurses collected blood outside the first is to come to our side, the first working procedure is called" white ", mainly through the filter plate, to get rid of the white blood cells in the blood, can remove 99%, basically to after heat treatment, and then put on this end cup, centrifugal purpose is put into a centrifuge."

The first stop of today's visit station is the Department of Blood Supply Components. The whole blood collected externally will be centrifuged here and become the component blood products. At the same time of separation, part of the blood will also be sent to the Laboratory Department for testing of various indicators.

Check for HIV, syphilis.

Check twice, no manual operation, is the machine to scan the code and add samples, all the experiments are done on the machine, the computer will give the results, a set of automation.

Detection is a very important link. After the collected blood arrives here, two groups of people will be tested respectively. Only when the two results are consistent, can this batch of blood products be sent to the blood supply place for labeling, packaging and waiting for hospital call.

Blood supply component section, according to different blood groups by the line.

Now the clinical use of whole blood is very rare, and the general use of component blood, so component blood collection is very important, the last stop of today's visit I came here.

The process of collecting blood components is that the blood is centrifuged in there, and then the plasma is taken out, and there are platelets in there, taken out and put in a bag, and the rest of the blood components are returned to the body.

It is understood that the blood collected by Jingzhou Central Blood Station every day is about 45,000 milliliters, and the blood used for clinical use every day is about 42,000 milliliters, basically maintaining a balance. How is such a large amount of blood preserved?

What does it take?

According to reports, qualified product library is mainly stored red blood cells, the temperature in 2-6 degrees, RH negative blood, is panda blood, the temperature is minus 65 degrees in the preservation, plasma is minus 18 degrees preservation,

After special treatment, blood can be well preserved under such conditions, but also for a certain period of time.

The storage period of red blood cells is 35 days, and some citizens are worried about whether there will be scrapped. In the inventory management, there are strict requirements on the upper and lower limits of blood, and collection will be stopped if the upper limit is reached. The validity period of panda blood is 10 years.