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The scope of use of several common centrifuges

Nov 04, 2019

1) Laboratory centrifuge: The speed can reach 30,000 rpm, suitable for experimental analysis of small centrifuges, which can separate suspension or emulsion;


2) Three-legged centrifuge: The speed is about 3000 rpm or less for solid-liquid separation, and is now widely used in various industries;

3) Butterfly separator: The speed can reach 4000-10000 rpm, and the solid-liquid separation can also be separated by liquid and liquid, so it can be applied to various industries (such as: pharmaceutical industry, dairy industry, chemical industry, etc.) ;

4) Horizontal screw centrifuge: the rotation speed is generally 2500-6000 rpm, separating the suspension, which is often used to treat sewage;

5) Tube centrifuge: the speed is up to 13000-30000 rpm, GQ (clarified type, mainly separation suspension) and GF (separation type, mainly suitable for liquid-liquid separation), can be used for sewage treatment, oil separation ;

6) High-speed refrigerated centrifuge: The rotation speed can reach 10,000 rpm or more. The temperature inside the centrifuge chamber of this centrifuge can be reduced to below zero degrees Celsius, which is used to collect microorganisms, cell debris, cells, large organelles, sulfuric acid precipitates and Immunoprecipitates, etc., are common in various biochemical laboratories;

7) Large-capacity centrifuge: The speed is 5000-20000 rpm, which is characterized by its large capacity up to 4×1000ml, low speed for chemical, food, pharmaceutical, medical, etc., and high speed is often used in pharmaceutical, biological products, central blood stations. Other fields;

8) Blood collection tube centrifuge: low speed is suitable for plasma separation with high platelet concentration, while high speed is suitable for plasma separation with low platelet concentration. It is often used for blood routine examination and various chemical analysis;

9) Microcentrifuge: Also known as mini centrifuge, the general speed is 4000-10000 rpm, especially suitable for slow centrifugation with microfiltration and test tube.