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There are four main points in the selection of medical centrifuges.

Sep 19, 2018

Medical centrifuges are ideal high-speed separation devices in the fields of biology, medicine, pharmacy, and epidemic prevention. The medical centrifuge integrates a number of international advanced technologies: the CPU computer system fully automates the machine operation, rotor identification, fault alarm, etc.: the high-performance imported inverter makes the closed-loop controlled drive system more stable, reliable and low-noise; The power of the imported compressor ensures the necessary temperature conditions for the preparation: the unique appearance makes the operator pleasing and easy.

There are four main principles for the selection of medical centrifuges:

1. Separation purpose: Medical centrifuge is mainly used for blood separation.

2. Rotational speed requirements: The maximum rotational speed of the medical centrifuge when separating blood is generally 4000 rpm. The maximum rotational speed for DNA identification sample separation is generally above 10,000 rpm.

3, capacity requirements: refers to the capacity of the centrifuge tube and the maximum number of centrifuge tubes can be placed at one time.

4. Temperature control requirements: It means that it is not necessary to freeze when separating samples.

Medical centrifuge use and function:

1. For separating particles suspended in a solution

1) Separating the formed components in the blood, and concentrating the cells in the body fluid or other formed components for analysis and determination.

2) Isolation of a ligand that binds to a protein or an antibody, a free ligand, and the like.

3) Separation of proteins that have been precipitated in the specimen.

2. Separation of two different density incompatible liquids

1) For use in organic solvents to extract certain components from body fluids.

2) Separation of lipid components in the blood, such as separation of chylomicrons and various lipoproteins in plasma.

Medical centrifuges are widely used in medical research or hospital testing. At present, centrifuge products with more applications in hospitals include high-speed centrifuges, blood centrifuges, blood card centrifuges, urine sediment centrifuges, capillary centrifuges, and cell centrifugation. Machines, biopharmaceutical centrifuges, gel bubble processing centrifuges, etc., come in a wide variety of functions and functions.