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Use and maintenance of refrigerated centrifuge

Feb 07, 2020

Refrigerated centrifuge cryogenic separation technology is an indispensable method in molecular biology research. The isolation of gene fragments, the precipitation and recovery of enzyme proteins, and the preparation of other biological samples are inseparable from cryogenic centrifugation technology. Therefore, cryogenic refrigerated centrifuges have become an important tool for molecular biology research.



1. The centrifuge should be placed on a level, solid floor or platform, and strive to keep the machine in a horizontal position to avoid vibration during centrifugation.

2. Turn on the power switch, install the required rotor as required, place the sample balanced on the tray balance in the rotor sample rack (the centrifuge tube must be balanced with the sample at the same time), and close the cover.

3. Press the function selection key to set various requirements: temperature, speed, time, acceleration and deceleration. For machines with computer control, press the storage key to memorize the entered information.

4. Press the start button, the refrigerated centrifuge will execute the above parameters for operation, and it will automatically shut down when the time is set.

5. After the refrigerated centrifuge has completely stopped rotating, open the cover, remove the centrifuged sample, and wipe the rotor and the inner wall of the machine cavity with a soft and clean cloth. After the temperature in the centrifuge cavity is close to room temperature, close the cover.