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Use of Laboratory Centrifuge

Oct 25, 2019

A centrifuge is an instrument often used in biological experiments. It uses a high-speed rotation of a rotating shaft to generate centrifugal force to separate substances of different densities and sizes. It can achieve the purpose of initial separation and purification and is an indispensable instrument in the laboratory.

According to the speed, it can be divided into three types: low speed (<8000rpm), high speed (8000-20000), and overspeed (>50000). According to the size and placement position, it can be divided into desktop centrifuge and floor centrifuge. The desktop centrifuge is relatively small in volume, often used in medium and low speed centrifuges. It is commonly used in general molecular biology experiments. Floor-standing centrifuges are large in volume, often with temperature-lowering devices, mostly high-speed centrifuges, which are often used for preparation and preliminary separation. , large-scale centrifugation, and centrifugation for some required temperatures.