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What is a blood type card centrifuge

Mar 17, 2021

Microcomputer control and automatic unbalance detection technology are generally adopted to meet the requirements of users for the experiment.

Can be used for blood serology, blood group routine detection, red blood cell washing, microcolumn gel immunodetection experiments, etc.



Red blood cell test: red blood cell blood typing, antibody screening, identification and cross matching (cross matching is more: no washing, complete incomplete antibody detection in one step - Coombs cross matching).


Platelet test: platelet matching, platelet blood typing, platelet antibody screening and identification (platelet matching and platelet antibody screening can be completed in one step, which is as simple and accurate as saline blood coagulation test).

Development process:

With the rapid development of the biological engineering technology in the world, the microcolumn gel immunoassay technology stands out from the traditional blood group serological routine detection. It has been adopted by the advanced countries in the world for its simple operation, clear results and rapid identification, replacing the traditional blood coagulation test which has been applied for 100 years.

Microcolumn gel immunodetection technology must have a microcolumn gel card, and the detection of microcolumn gel card must be equipped with a special holder of centrifuge, but the price of imported centrifuge is expensive and there are many inconvenience,