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What to pay attention to when using micro centrifuges

Feb 03, 2020

The supernatant liquid separated by the micro-centrifuge flows out of the drum through the opening of the liquid layer regulating plate. The relative movement between the spiral and the drum, that is, the differential speed is achieved by a differential, and its size is controlled by the auxiliary motor. The casing of the differential is connected to the drum, the output shaft is connected to the spiral body, and the input shaft is connected to the auxiliary motor. The main motor drives the rotation of the rotary drum and also the rotation of the differential case. The auxiliary motor controls the speed of the differential input shaft through a coupling. The differential can transmit the torque to the screw according to a certain speed ratio, thereby realizing the continuous separation process of the material by the micro centrifuge.


A filtering device that is wound by two endless filter belts on a series of rollers arranged in sequence and unequal in size, and uses the extrusion and shearing action between the filter belts to remove moisture from the slurry. The dehydration process includes pretreatment Stage, gravity dehydration stage, wedge pre-pressure dehydration stage, and squeeze dehydration stage.

Therefore, an explosion-proof centrifuge protected by inert gas must be used to control the oxygen content on site and inside the centrifuge outside the flammable range, so that accidents caused by accidents caused by equipment and operations can be avoided. Gas mixtures of different densities can also be separated, and solid particles of different densities or particle sizes can be used to settle in the liquid at different speeds. Some micro centrifuges can also classify solid particles by density or particle size.

The floor should be moved firmly at the installation site to ensure that the rotor of the centrifuge works normally and not recessed. The ground at the installation location should be flat and firm. The interior is often made of light alloys or other non-reactive materials. A separate market pattern has been formed that is different from low-speed centrifuges. It is expected that the future growth momentum will continue and attract more research institutions to enter.

Simple installation and commissioning. The supporting equipment only has dosing and feeding and discharging conveyors. The whole machine is fully sealed and the workshop environment is good; while the belt conveyor covers a large area, in addition to the dosing and feeding and discharging conveyors, the supporting equipment also needs to flush the pump. , Air compressor, sludge conditioner, etc., the entire machine is poorly sealed, high pressure cleaning water mist and odor pollute the environment.