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Laboratory Refrigerated Centrifuge

Laboratory Refrigerated Centrifuge
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Product Details

Multi Function Large capacity High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Model: XZ21K-T

refrigerated centrifuge 

Product Description

 This kind of Laboratory Refrigerated Centrifuge is made of high quality material. The rotor adopts a double-row hole design, and the angle of each row of holes is different from that of the shaft, so that the maximum relative centrifugal force of the double-row holes is consistent. The Laboratory Refrigerated Centrifuge adopts brushless induction motor, which is maintenance-free and has a long service life. The door lock system is easy to use, just gently close the door cover, it will trigger the door lock system and lock the door safely.

In addition, it has the advantages of large capacity, high efficiency, small volume and simple operation. The Laboratory Refrigerated Centrifuge is widely used in biochemistry, medical and health, food safety, life science, agriculture and forestry science, animal husbandry science, blood bank, blood station, biological products, pharmaceutical products and other fields to separate and precipitate samples. 


Speed range(rpm)0-21000rpm adjustableRCF range (xg)0-29140xg adjustable
Max Capacity(ml)4*800mlTime range1-99minutes 59s adjustable
Speed accuracy±20r/minNoise(dBA)≦58dB(A)
Temperature range(℃)-20℃~+40℃ adjustable



Dimension(mm)830*665*395mmNet weight(without rotor)125KGS
Power supplyAC220-240V,50/60HZ,10A,1.8KW




Cooling system and control system:  

XZ-21K High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge6271XZ-21K High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge6380

XZ-21K High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge6490XZ-21K High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge6492


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