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Water-jacket Incubator

Water-jacket Incubator
Model: GSP-9050MBE
Power Supply: AC 220V±10%/50Hz±2%
Heating Method: Water-jacket
Temp. Range: RT+5℃-65℃
Temp. Resolution: 0.1℃
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Water-jacket Incubator is one of the first insulating methods to be put into market in CO2 incubator. This technology still exists today, relying on the hot water in the incubator wall to maintain a consistent indoor temperature. Due to its high heat capacity and ability to maintain temperature, water was chosen.

This Water-jacket Incubator is an ideal choice for cell culture. It ensures the best environment for cell and tissue culture. It is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel to prevent overheating and leakage. It provides precise control, accurate and pure environment during the whole cultivation process. The device is designed to provide a uniform temperature and a highly stable CO2 environment, which is necessary to prevent cells from being impacted. 

Our Water-jacket Incubator is a very precise incubator and provides a perfect environment for hypoxia research and application. Functions such as easy-to-use interfaces, top-level filtering and constant chamber condition monitoring ensure that samples are protected regardless of size.


Equipped with polished stainless steel interior and construction for easy cleaning and meeting the needs of any specific laboratory.

It improves temperature uniformity, and prevents moisture from entering the chamber.

In order to ensure the most uniform temperature of the inner chamber, a circulating water heating device is used.

It is an ideal unit for cell culture applications. 

Technical Parameters:

Power Supply: AC 220V±10%/50Hz±2%
Heating Method: Water-jacket
Temp. Range: RT+5℃-65℃
Temp. Resolution: 0.1℃
Temp. Fluctuation: ±0.2℃~±0.5℃
Temp. Uniformity: ±0.2℃~±0.5℃
Power: 430W
Working Chamber (mm): 310×380×450
Overall Size (mm):460×490×755

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