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Deionized Water System for Lab

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Product Description 

This kind of Deionized Water System for Lab adopts advanced technology. It adopts pretreatment, reverse osmosis technology, ultra-purification treatment and post-stage treatment to remove the conductive medium in water and remove the colloidal substances, gases and organic substances that are not dissociated in water to a very low level. The Deionized Water System for Lab uses high-quality PP cotton filter to effectively filter out solid impurities such as rust and sediment in water, and protect the rear filter.

In addition, it also has the advantages of environmental protection, small size, noiseless, easy for operation and high efficiency. The Deionized Water System for Lab is widely used in hospitals, university research, quality inspection units, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, water quality monitoring centers, animal husbandry, water plants, disease control centers, seed monitoring stations, battery plants, LCD panels, precision circuit plants, dust-free products Production and so on.

Technical parameter 


Note: Customization is available.

Technological process flow of system for deionized water:




Installation pictures of deionized water system laboratory :


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