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Lab Ultra Pure Water Purification Machine

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Product Details

Product Feature:

All monitoring data of the whole system is collected in real time, and there is no external computer for storage.

The consumables of this lab ultra pure water purification machine are placed reasonably, and the components make the calibration, maintenance, and sampling in the system validation verification easier.

This machine can be widely used in medicine, electronics, chemical, biophysics laboratories and other industries.

Product Description:

This lab ultra pure water purification machine has a complete purification unit, which uses tap water as the influent water to produce different standards of water for needs of various laboratories. Compared with general ultra-pure water product on the market, this machine has large water production capacity , and the cost of water production is less. In addition, this  lab ultra pure water purification machine can also take water from pure water and ultrapure water. As long as the water intake is set, the ultra-pure water machine will automatically produce the right amount of water. Also, users can store and query data in real time through a fully intelligent monitoring system, which can be used for trend analysis. The fully intelligent monitoring system supports multi-language mode, which is used by multiple users to record data separately.





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