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Low Speed Lab Centrifuge

Low Speed Lab Centrifuge
Low Speed Lab Centrifuge With LCD Display
8x100ml Large Volume, 0-5000 RPM Adjustable Speed Range
the idea centrifuge in hospital,clinic and medical center.
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Low Speed 8x100ML Capacity Benchtop Multi Pipe Centrifuge  

 low speed centrifuge

Model: TD5A


In almost all scientific and chemical fields, centrifuges are asignificant and basic element of any laboratory. Their main function is to separate the sample solution according to the weight of the sample solution and other factors. Nowadays, centrifuges are more than just rotating motors. Centrifuges have different sizes, speeds and configurations. The centrifugation process involves separating particles from the solution according to the size, shape, density and viscosity of the solution. Centrifugal force is a key technology in biochemistry or biotechnology.

Our Low Speed Lab Centrifuge is designed for general laboratories. It has strong design with large touch buttons for speed and time set up. Besides, the bright and readable LCD displays allow you to view speed and duration from a distance, making it easier to operate. Moreover, this device can rotate the sample at the speed up to 5,000 rpm. With regard to the control system, the device is controlled by a micro-computer. The brushless DC motor runs steadily, with minimum noise and high speed accuracy. Also, the solid base has built-in safety function. The cover is not allowed to open when the rotor moves.

Overall, this Low Speed Lab Centrifuge is quiet, compact and convenient. It is an ideal choice for any laboratory. The centrifuge can be used in clinical and biochemical applications for qualitative analysis of serum, plasma, blood and urine.


Small centrifuge with compact structure and durability are ideal for low-speed conventional centrifugation.

The Low Speed Lab Centrifuge is often used for fractionation of blood samples and simple precipitation of biological samples.

Programmable operation is available, operation data can be set and stored automatically according to need.

Automatic lid release and vivid end prompt for easy sampling.

It has self-locking device, cover safety device, overspeed safety device and automatic alarm device.


Speed range(rpm)

0-5000rpm adjustable

Time range

1-99minutes adjustable

Max Capacity(ml)


Speed accuracy


RCF range (xg)

0-5000xg adjustable





Net weight(without rotor)


Power supply


 Rotor list: 

centrifuge rotor-1

centrifuge rotor-2

centrifuge rotor-3

Packaging & Shipping

centrifuge packing

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