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Forehead Gun

Forehead Gun
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Main Selling Points:

* Multiple Functions: 0-100°C(32-212°F) wide range, not only for bodytemperature, but also for temperature of room, object, milk, food, bathwater etc.

 * Three-color Backlight (Color Alarm): Green backlight for normal bodytemperature, Yellow backlight for Slight Fever and Red backlight for HighFever.

* 1-5cm(0.4-2in) measuring distance: non-contact, safe and clean.

* Quick and Accurate: in just 2 second with ±0.2°C(±0.4°F) precision.

* C and F Switchable.

* 50 Memories.

* Alarm point can be settable.

* Settings can be adjustable for different kinds of people anddifferent operating conditions.

* Automatic shut off: 18 seconds without operation.

* Buzzer on/off (adjustable).



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