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Blood Bank Centrifuges Help The Rapid Development Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

Jul 08, 2015

The pharmaceutical Blood bank centrifuge has the characteristics of good adaptability, high degree of automation, stable operation, strong processability, good corrosion resistance, good operating environment, complete and reliable safety protection device and beautiful appearance. The Blood bank centrifuge used in the refining process such as drug purification is a general low-speed Blood bank centrifuge with a rotation speed of less than 4,000 rpm and a large amount of processing. In order to meet the GMP specifications and requirements for pharmaceutical production, it is generally made of flat stainless steel.

There are many types of medical Blood bank centrifuges.

According to the purpose of separation, it can be divided into: laboratory medical Blood bank centrifuge and industrial pharmaceutical Blood bank centrifuge.

According to the structure, it can be divided into: desktop medicine Blood bank centrifuge and floor-standing medical Blood bank centrifuge.

According to the temperature control can be divided: frozen medicine Blood bank centrifuge and room temperature medical Blood bank centrifuge.

According to the separation component, it can be divided into: a pharmaceutical solid-liquid separation Blood bank centrifuge and a medical liquid-liquid separation Blood bank centrifuge.

Divided by capacity: micro-medicine Blood bank centrifuge, small-capacity pharmaceutical Blood bank centrifuge and large-capacity medical Blood bank centrifuge.

In terms of function, pharmaceutical Blood bank centrifuges have the following advantages:

1. The adaptability of the material is strong. The appropriate filter medium can be used to separate the fine particles of the millimeter level. It can also be used for the dehydration of the finished articles, and the items can be cleaned by the water washing tube.

2. The artificial upper unloading type has simple structure, convenient installation, low cost, easy operation and can maintain the grain shape of the product.

3. The machine adopts advanced elastic support structure, which can reduce the vibration caused by uneven load and the machine runs smoothly.

4, the entire high-speed operation of the structure, concentrated in a closed shell, can achieve sealing, to avoid contamination of materials.

For low-speed Blood bank centrifuges, due to the strict specifications of the pharmaceutical industry, it basically adopts a flat-plate type. In order to reduce possible pollution or damage or improve hygiene, stainless steel materials or stainless steel materials are used in contact with materials, and the whole machine has no sanitary corners. Clean and easy to use, this type of Blood bank centrifuge has basically spread throughout the pharmaceutical industry, plus a small Blood bank centrifuge of about 3000 rpm for blood separation, constitutes the entire low-speed industrial Blood bank centrifuge system, but also infiltrated other industries associated with biomedicine . This type of Blood bank centrifuge must be in compliance with national GMP regulations.

The high-speed Blood bank centrifuge uses DC brushless motor, maintenance-free; microcomputer control, pre-selectable speed, time, centrifugal force, liquid crystal display, easy to operate; 10 kinds of lifting rate to choose from, can be quickly started, fast shutdown; stainless steel container room, electronic Door lock, early warning and alarm function, multiple protection, safe and reliable.

The technology of this kind of Blood bank centrifuge is relatively simple. Generally, the multi-use zone Blood bank centrifuge is used. The zone Blood bank centrifuge separates and collects cells, viruses and DNA molecules according to the density and gradient of the sample solution. The sample loading and sampling are continuous. In addition to being widely used in production processes, it is now widely used in laboratory equipment.

In the pharmaceutical industry, due to stricter requirements on production quality and production safety, the main process equipment for the production process of raw materials in Blood bank centrifuges and other pharmaceutical production fields also has extremely high requirements. In addition to maintaining its own separation characteristics, Blood bank centrifuges also need to meet the relevant specifications and standards in the medical field. Medicinal Blood bank centrifuges need to consider materials, structures, material input and output methods, safety, labor intensity, control, cleaning or disinfection and sterilization from the perspective of meeting the requirements of the pharmaceutical production process.

The medicinal Blood bank centrifuge has the requirements of cleaning and sterilizing when changing batches and changing varieties in production, preventing various pollution sources and avoiding re-contamination. The medicinal Blood bank centrifuge needs to work hard in the aspects of automatic program control, human-machine isolation operation, easy cleaning, sterilizable and sterilizable structure, on-line analysis and separation and separation of different trait materials, improving function, control and sterilizing operation. Level.

Since the Blood bank centrifuge in the medical field should be released from the drug, the surface of the Blood bank centrifuge device must be smooth, flat, and free of dead angles. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the sharp corners, corners, and welds of the Blood bank centrifuge are ground into a smooth transition circle during the manufacturing process. angle. Because of the need to make contact with the drug, the Blood bank centrifuge needs to be resistant to corrosion, chemical changes or drug adsorption.

With the development of Blood bank centrifuges, the technology related to Blood bank centrifuges has improved. However, the pharmaceutical industry cannot be safer than the status quo and must continue to develop. With the support of national policies, Blood bank centrifuge enterprises must continuously strive to promote the wider application of Blood bank centrifuges in the pharmaceutical industry.