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Centrifuge Is A Common Device For Blood Testing In Blood Stations.

Dec 22, 2014

The position of the centrifuge in blood testing is quite high. Don't look at the cost of a blood bag. It costs about tens of yuan. After the blood is collected, it needs to be screened for 7 items including hepatitis B and syphilis. To ensure blood safety. Each bag of blood should be screened twice with domestic reagents and imported reagents. The average reagent cost is also nearly 100 yuan, and the equipment for testing is a centrifuge!

Centrifugal separation is a new technology developed based on the state of the particles in a practical centrifugal environment. Particles of different densities, sizes or shapes settle in different centrifugal situations, so a substantially spherically heterogeneous mixture can be separated by centrifugation. The centrifuge is designed to further study biochemistry and separate large quantities of material. For example, cells are collected, plasma is separated, DNA and protein molecules are separated from these pre-purified preparations, and viruses and large-scale Escherichia coli, strict cell components, nuclear protein microparticles, and the like are isolated.

The blood from the library to be inspected is placed in a purple centrifuge bucket. After weighing, the centrifuge barrel is placed in a centrifuge that looks like a cauldron and begins to centrifuge. The separated plasma is placed in another bag, which needs to be stored frozen for special patient treatment.

The steps of the centrifuge to detect blood:

First, after the power is turned on, there is a power switch at the back of the machine, open the switch, do not start the machine before opening the cover.

Second, open the cover and take out the protective cotton inside. ‘In the cover, start the machine, you can

Third, when the test tube is separated, the two test tubes must be placed in balance to balance. After 15 to 20 minutes of separation, the machine should be completely stopped. Then open the cover and take the test tube out.

Two displays: display speed and time respectively

At the same time as a bag of whole blood "divided", blood samples homologous to each bag of blood are subject to "examination" in the laboratory. Here, the blood sample will be tested by seven items including hepatitis B surface antigen. The staff said that even with the most advanced instruments for fully automated testing, the final step requires each inspector to visually compare and screen out the doubtful results, and the plausible results will be detected from the beginning. "Behind a bag of blood, not only the love of blood donors, but also the work of so many staff, I have to say that every bag of blood is of great significance.