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Centrifuge Purchase Point Analysis

May 20, 2015

Centrifuge purchases cost a lot of money, so many customers are more worried about what to do if they don't buy them. Here, Xiaobian wants to say that if this is the case, then you did not choose the right manufacturer at the time of purchase. If there is the right choice, there will be no such thing happening!

Buying centrifuges, especially those in the pharmaceutical industry, is quite demanding. Every data is as small as possible, so centrifuges are especially important!

In terms of centrifugal force, it must be uniform, and there must be a special setting function, not just a simple oscillation, it is a problem!

Therefore, the problem of eccentricity is caused. The eccentricity of the centrifuge has always been one of the difficult points of the product. First, the manufacturer must do as much data as possible to ensure the operator's peace of mind to use!

The accuracy of the eccentricity is also dependent on the quality of the product itself, especially the rotor, so be sure to understand the problem of the rotor when buying the centrifuge!

The last thing to say is that no matter what kind of centrifuge you buy, be sure to know what medium you are using in the future. This is very important. Now the technology Internet technology is developed and can be purchased before I first understand the summary, the necessary data to sort out, and even predict the amount of separation media in the future. If these data are valid, you can safely find a centrifuge manufacturer to customize the individual centrifuge. Now!