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Operational Essentials For High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuges

May 10, 2017

The process of using the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge is not complicated. As long as the debugging is completed, the operation will be smooth!

What are the highlights of a high-speed refrigerated centrifuge while extracting the ingredients needed in a liquid mixture?

First, the software process is intelligent: the choice of high speed refrigerated centrifuge rotor

The control subroutine of the seven rotor models has been determined in the prototype commissioning and is suitable for rotors of several thousand to 30,000 revolutions. In the application, the user simply enters the rotor model used by the user via the keyboard.

In the event of control failure and system mechanical failure, it should be able to detect and alarm in time, close all control objects, and minimize system losses. At the same time, when some faults that do not affect the production are detected, such as button damage, abnormal display, etc., the alarm prompts the operator, but does not stop production.

Problems and solutions in debugging

(1) Some production workshops have power frequency quenching furnaces or electric welding workshops next to them. The industrial interference is serious, which has a great impact on the normal operation of the system, and often causes the program to “run away”. To this end, the instrument design has always taken anti-interference measures. These include:

a. Software anti-interference measures;

b. In addition to the white reset measures on the hardware, the shielding isolation measures are strengthened;

c. Use independent power supply (phase separation with interference source) or add UPS power supply;

d. An IRC absorbing circuit is added to the relay coil. With these measures, the system works normally and there is no crash.

(2) The sampling signal is unstable, which affects the reliability of the control. Due to the serious interference, the signal is stable, resulting in a false phenomenon of the sampling signal, causing a malfunction. We analyzed the phenomenon based on the scene, and finally solved the problem by adding a hardware filter circuit to the front stage.

High-speed refrigerated centrifuge operating procedures:

Centrifuge the sample to the same density and keep it 3 mm from the tube mouth.

The symmetrical state of the centrifuge tube with the same density, trim and tube wall is placed in the hanging basket, and the corresponding test tube cover is screwed to the corresponding hanging basket, and the empty basket is also hung, in order to make the rotor horizontally evenly stressed. Otherwise, serious laboratory accidents with broken shafts may occur during operation.

High speed refrigerated centrifuge open switch

Place the rotor of the hanging basket straight down on the shaft sleeve to ensure it is secure.

Tighten the rotor cover.

Press and hold the specified position to push the door cover down.

Centrifugal parameter setting of high-speed refrigerating centrifuge: speed, time, rotor type, temperature, lifting speed frequency (automatic rotor recognition function is now available for the switch model function)

Confirm that the parameter settings are correct. Press START to start, and the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge will reach the set speed for 5 minutes before the user can leave. Observe whether the instrument is working properly during the centrifugation.

After the end of the centrifugation (or stop the operation by STOP), after the rotor stops, open the door cover, loosen the rotor cover, take the rotor out and put it on the special frame. 14 Take out the hanging basket and take out the sample.

The hanging basket is open at the designated position. If there is liquid leakage, take out the sealing ring, wash it and then put it on the tablecloth.

Turn the instrument off

Condensed water in the centrifuge chamber