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Blood Plasma Centrifuge

Blood Plasma Centrifuge
This kind of Blood Plasma Centrifuge is mainly composed of a centrifuge, blood pump, anticoagulant pump, electronic scale, display, etc. The Blood Plasma Centrifuge can also be used for separation of liquid phase in medicine or other industries.
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LOW-SPEED CENTRIFUGE TD4-ZF (Self-translantation Centrifuge TD4-ZF)

TD4-PRP Multi-function Fat &PRP Purification Centrifuge69TD4-PRP Multi-function Fat &PRP Purification Centrifuge70

Beauty auto-fat transplant centrifuge 

Features: 1. Independent research and development control panel and large torque DC brushless motor, stable operation and low noise, providing a comfortable laboratory environment 

2. Beauty auto-fat transplant centrifuge with overspeed, over-temperature and imbalance  Various early warning functions such as under-pressure and over-voltage, three-stage damping and weight reduction, and special combination damping device make the motor run safely and reliably.  Prevents sample weights and achieves excellent centrifugation.  

3. TFT-LCD true color display screen, touch screen button and physical button dual operation mode, with special button for centrifugal force display, display setting parameters at the same time, parameters can be changed at any time during operation.  No need to stop, the operation interface is intuitive, simple and convenient to use. The operation menu is available in multiple languages (Chinese, English, Russian, Portuguese).  

4. Bio-safety airtight angle rotor adopts silicone rubber integral sealing ring (EU RoHS2015/863), which can avoid aerosol spillage and fully guarantee the safety of workers and laboratory environment. 

5,304 stainless steel centrifugal chamber with all-steel spray  Security devices such as the outer casing, integral stamped steel, and the Sanzhan Steel Protection Camp are both rugged and durable, ensuring the safety of workers and laboratories.  

6.100V230V voltage design, improve the range of the centrifuge's voltage (optional).  

7.Using the static high electromechanical motor door, so that only the door is closed, the door will be touched and the door will be locked.  

8.Beauty auto-fat transplant centrifuge 10 column acceleration and 10 or speed rate control with CFDA filing and CFDA production qualification, passed S09001 (2015) certification and ISO3485 (2016) to be 

9. Can be customized according to user requirements, various special  The rotor and the adaptor are strong, and can be matched with a conventional main emitter.  

Suitable for 10m.20m50mL conventional syringes, can be customized, can be equipped with special rotor for PRP set.

10.The cosmetic plastic fat transfer centrifuge is mainly used for fat transplantation and purification. It can directly centrifuge 50m (20ml, 10ml screw syringe) to separate and purify fat under aseptic conditions, which can improve the survival rate of fat transplantation. The rotor of this machine can be repeated.  Autoclaving reduces the risk of infection during surgery, improves work efficiency, and makes transplant surgery safer and more reliable.

This kind of Blood Plasma Centrifuge is mainly composed of a centrifuge, blood pump, anticoagulant pump, electronic scale, display, air detector, pressure monitor, control panel and pressure cuff. There is no filter hole in the wall of the drum, and there are overflow holes of different volumes on the drum, making it suitable for solid-liquid separation with fine particles, solid viscosity, low concentration, difficult regeneration of filter medium, and small difference between solid phase and liquid phase density.

In addition, the Blood Plasma Centrifuge is one of the supporting equipment for the production of pharmaceutical biological products. It is mainly used for solid phase and liquid phase separation in plasma. The Blood Plasma Centrifuge can also be used for separation of liquid phase in medicine or other industries, and it can be used to extract the required solids or liquid as well.

Technical Parameters



Max Speed




Swing Rotor




Speed Accuracy


Time Range



Microcomputer control, variable   frequency motor



Power Supply

DC110-220v 50Hz-60Hz 5A





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