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20L Rotary Evaporator

20L Rotary Evaporator
20L Rotary Evaporator
Model: XD-5220A
Main machine: Automatic cantilever lifting 0-190mm
Limited vacuum: ≤399.9(3mmHg)
Evaporation capacity: Max.3.6L/min ≥5L/H(H2O)
Rotating speed: Digital display / through knob to adjust speed 0-120rpm/min; ( Three-phase AC induction motor 220V, Single phase power supply 250W).
Heating Bath: One time molding stainless steel water bath 5KW
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Product Details

XD-5220A rotary evaporator(20L)
(Old RE-5220A)



Rotary evaporator is a kind of equipment used in chemical laboratory. It can effectively and gently remove solvents from samples by evaporation. Rotating evaporation is most commonly used to separate solvents with low boiling point, such as n-hexane or ethyl acetate, from solid compounds at room temperature and pressure. 

Our 20L Rotary Evaporator uses specially designed motors and worm wheels to provide constant rotation at speeds of 0 to 120 rpm. When a flask containing a solvent rotates, it continuously transfers a thin layer of liquid across the inner surface. This provides a very large surface area for evaporation, which is caused by the mild heating of the water bath. The rotating system is equipped with a special seal, which can put the equipment under vacuum, effectively reduce the boiling point of the solvent and remove the gas phase, thus making the process more efficient.

This 20L Rotary Evaporator is suitable for evaporation, distillation or separation of chemicals. It is usually combined with water circulating vacuum pump and circulating cooler as a whole system to meet the production and experimental conditions.


The rotary evaporator unit is equipped with evaporator bottle and collection bottle.

The rotary vacuum evaporator heates the fluidized bed furnace at constant temperature under vacuum conditions. It will rotate at a constant speed. The liquid can form a large area film on the wall of the bottle.

Solvent vapor is cooled by an efficient glass condenser and recovered in a collection bottle, which greatly improves the evaporation efficiency.

20L rotary evaporator is especially suitable for the concentration and purification of biologicals which are easily decomposed and deformed at high temperature.

The evaporator is sealed with polyethylene and rubber to ensure high vacuum and adjustable speed.

Technical parameters :



Main machine

Automatic cantilever lifting  0-190mm

Limited vacuum


Evaporation capacity

Max.3.6L/min   ≥5L/H(H2O)

Rotating speed

Digital display / through knob to adjust speed 0-120rpm/min; ( Three-phase AC induction motor 220V, Single phase power supply 250W).

Heating Bath

One time molding stainless steel water bath 5KW


Automatic temp. control, digital display, water bath: RT-99℃±1℃.


Vertical, main condenser + assist condenser, high efficient three reflux , cooling area 0.76㎡.


The valve type feeding tube is sleeved with teflon pipe and water stop ring.

Sealing ring

Fluorine rubber +PTEF imported material combination vacuum seal gasket.




6.3kw, input voltage ~380v/50Hz

Dimension / weight

Rotary evaporator dimension(L*W*H)116.5*60*177cm  Weight: 95KG 110KG

Standard configurations

Ball milling mouth 10L collection bottle * 1pcs,  φ125 flange mouth rotating bottle 20L * 1pcs

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