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Automatic Pure Water Distiller

Automatic Pure Water Distiller
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Product Details

Automatic pure water distiller sz-97


Product Description 

This kind of Automatic Pure Water Distiller is made of high quality material. The heating part of the distiller is heated by a quartz tube, which has the properties of energy saving, clean, longevity and high emissivity. The main structure of the Automatic Pure Water Distiller is made of high-quality anti-corrosion stainless steel. The key parts like bracket column, column seat and ring clamp are made of special engineering plastics, control panel and clamp are made of high quality glass. The distilled water is not in contact with any metal, and the pure water obtained with high distillation. There are electrical protection devices when distilling,therefore it is safe and reliable to use.

In addition, each distillation switch is controlled by the temperature controller dry spring water level device to avoid dry burning of the heating pipe and damage to the glass fittings. What’s more, the level of the water can automatically turn on the power or cut off the power to achieve the function of distilling water automatically. The Automatic Pure Water Distiller is an important preparation device for pure water for laboratory inspection and quarantine.

Technical parameters



Water yield


The input power




Dimension ( L* W * H)(cm)

Box A (condenser pipe) 57*48*39 Gross weight 5.8KG
Box B (main engine)  61*45*44  Gross weight 10KG   



water distiller dimension

( L* W * H)77*49*89cm

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