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Lab Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

Lab Rotary Vacuum Evaporator
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Product Details

Rotary evaporator XDSY Series(2L:2000A / 3L:3000A / 5L:5000A)  

 Rotary evaporator XDSY-5000A

Product Description

This kind of Lab Rotary Vacuum Evaporator is mainly composed of main condenser, operation panel, feeding valve, collecting bottle, rotating bottle, base and other hardware. It is mainly used to continuously distill a large amount of volatile solvents under reduced pressure. All main metal parts are made of corrosion-resistant high-quality materials to effectively extend the life. The bracket of the Lab Rotary Vacuum Evaporator is elastically designed to prevent breakage caused by back and forth dis-assembly.

In addition, it has a temperature-controlled digital display, LCD screen and panel operation, and can be set and controlled by simple operation, which reduces timer of manual setting and operation, and simplifies the operation process as well. Moreover, it has the advantages of good air tightness, high recovery rate, reasonable design, simple operation and long service life. The Lab Rotary Vacuum Evaporator is widely used in industrial plants, medical medicine, scientific research experiments, environmental protection industry and other occasions.

Technical parameter 

Rotary evaporator XDSY-S

 Rotary evaporator XDSY-1

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