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Mini Rotary Evaporator

Mini Rotary Evaporator
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Product Details

XD-52CS Rotary evaporator (0.25--2L)


Product Description 

This kind of Mini Rotary Evaporator is mainly equipped with frequency conversion digital display governor, large collection bottle, standard high efficiency condensing tube, national standard dc stirring motor, high strength anti-corrosion seal, thickened borosilicate glass, etc. The bracket of the Mini Rotary Evaporator is elastically designed to prevent breakage caused by back and forth dis-assembly.

In addition, it is equipped with a double serpentine condenser tube with a larger condensation area, which effectively improves work efficiency. It adopts the international advanced anti-corrosion sealing process, which can carry out negative pressure work, and will not leak gas and resistant to the corrosion of acid, alkali and solvent. What’s more, the main metal parts of the Mini Rotary Evaporator are made of thick stainless steel for anti-corrosion and anti-rust, therefore it is suitable for a variety of complex environments. 

Technical parameters



Main machine

Sliding type, manual lifting,  0-150mm

Limited vacuum


Evaporation capacity


Rotating speed

Knob type stepless speed regulation 0-150rpm/min, power 25W.

Heating Bath

Single molding 4L Teflon composite bath φ22*11.5cm  Power 1KW.


Automatic temp. control, digital display, water bath: RT-99℃±1℃.


Vertical, Jacketed layer with ice vessel condenser pipe, cooling area 0.27㎡.


The valve type feeding tube is sleeved with teflon pipe and water stop ring.

Sealing ring

Adopts fluorine glue + double PTEF import material and combined with glass rotary shaft, which ensure without remove slag and extend its service life.




1kw  input voltage ~220v/50Hz

Dimension / weight

(L*W*H)49*37*58cm   19.5kg

Rotavapor dimension


Standard configurations

24# standard mouth collection bottle 500ml* 1pcs, 24# standard mouth rotating bottle(eggplant type)250ml* 1pcs

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