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Motor Lift Rotary Evaporator

Motor Lift Rotary Evaporator
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This kind of Motor Lift Rotary Evaporator is made of high quality material. It has a temperature-controlled digital display, LCD screen and panel operation, and can be set and controlled by simple operation, which reduces timer of manual setting and operation, and simplifies the operation process as well. The  Motor Lift Rotary Evaporator is also equipped with a trap type condensing tube for the reflux distillation device. Since the inner core tube is a serpentine coil tube, the cooling surface is relatively large, and the cooling effect is better. The structure is reasonable and the raw materials are exquisite.

In addition, the mechanical structure is mainly made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, and the glass parts are all made of high temperature resistant high boron glass. All the key parts of the Motor Lift Rotary Evaporator adopts the latest international standards, which is convenient for users to purchase and update. What’s more, it has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good sealing. It is widely used in industrial plants, medical medicine, scientific research experiments, environmental protection industry and other occasions.

 Rotary evaporator XD-5000A

rotary evaporator rotary evaporator

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