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Semi-automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

Semi-automatic Biochemistry Analyzer
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Product Details

Product Feature:

The solid direct heating thermostat system uses a fast heating speed to reduce the preheating time of this semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer.

The constant temperature control system adopts a dry heating method to keep the reaction liquid in the constant temperature, which helps to reduce maintenance costs.

This stepper motor agitation ensures accurate and stable speed, and the light source hibernate function makes lamp life longer. 

Product Description:

This semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer is able to pre-store at least 100 inspection procedures, which can be pre-edited and stored by the user according to actual needs. In addition, it can monitor the light source signal in real time in order to be tested by various methods such as end point method, dynamic method, two-point method and standard curve method. Equipped with advanced flow cuvette, this semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer helps to make the test result accurate. The strong corrosion resistant  function prolongs the service life of this analyzer. What's more, it can be widely used for clinical biochemical quantitative detection of components in human body fluids by medical institutions.


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