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Blood Serum Centrifuge

Blood Serum Centrifuge
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Plasma Sero Centrifuge / Blood Separation Sero Centrifuge /Serum Centrifuge

Model: TD4ZA

 Serum Centrifuge


Blood Serum Centrifuge is equipped with automatic diagnosis of machine failure, self-locking of door cover, stainless steel inner cavity, double-layer protective cover and other devices to effectively improve the performance. It also has a short rotor, hanger, adapter with high quality. It uses a brushless motor drive for smooth, pollution-free and low noise. The main body of the Blood Serum Centrifuge is made of imported cold-rolled steel, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. In addition, it has the advantages of small size, large capacity, good performance as well as excellent sealing.

In addition, it features a unique three-point flexible support for shock absorption, and it can reduce vibration and noise. Moreover, it is equipped with double protection of mechanical door lock and electronic door lock to ensure the door can be opened even if the power is off, making the operation safer. The Blood Serum Centrifuge is suitable for biochemical laboratories, hospital clinical tests, etc. 


1. Economical: 5 types of rotors can be equipped on one instrument;

 2. Five types of rotors are available for convenient use: Angle rotor, swing rotor for red blood cell washing, sextuple tubes rotor and swing rotor for micro-column gel test;

 3. Simple operation: 11 programs built-in are available, and another more 30 programs can be set. Standard programs for different tests of blood group serology are equipped, and more programs can be built in according to the customer's requirements for normalization & standardization of clinical check and research.

 4. Accuracy of centrifugal force: quick start, prompt speed reaching and automatic braking.

 5. Wide application: It can be used for normal test of blood group serology, red blood cell washing(easy tube washing) and micro-column geltest. Sextuple tubes type etc. Making operation simple and easy and centrifugal time is greatly reduced for prompt determination of the result.

 It is consistent with CE security certification,ISO9001 and 13485 quality certification.

  Rotor list:

NO.1 HLA Swing rotor

NO.2 SERO Swing rotor

 TD4ZA Serum Centrifuge1645


Max speed:4500rpm

Max RCF:2000xg

TD4ZA Serum Centrifuge1805Capacity:12x7ml

Max speed:3000rpm

Max RCF:1000xg

No.3 Fixed angle rotor

No.4 Fixed angle rotor


Max speed:4000rpm

Max RCF:2220xg


Max speed:4000rpm

Max RCF:2300xg

No.5 Fixed angle rotor


Max speed:4000rpm

Max RCF:2600xg

  TD4ZA Serum Centrifuge2028

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